Oyster chicken

Our simple oyster sauce Chinese chicken, extremely mild in flavour packed full of veg! You can get vegan oyster sauce from amazon and make this a veg friendly or with tofu sub! Cut 2 chicken breasts thinly on the diagonal Add 1 tsp bicarb and leave for 10 mins Rinse the chicken out well toContinue reading “Oyster chicken”

Roasted lemon pepper chicken

So simple so easy! Don’t you just love a quick recipe and leave the rest in the oven!this recipe is short because it’s so simple ! Marinate in :1/2 cup oil2 tbsp melted butter1 block ginger paste1 block garlic paste1tsp mustard paste1.5 tsp SaltJuice of 1 lemon1 whole garlic cut in half (leave in halfContinue reading “Roasted lemon pepper chicken”

Baked fish tacos

Fish taco! Oven baked and ready in 25mins ❤️4 skinless cod fillets1tsp paprika1/2 tsp smoked paprika1tsp cumin1tbsp lemon juiceLarge pinch of chilli flakes3/4 tsp garlic powder3tbsp oil2tbsp chopped corinderSalt pepper (season to ur own taste) Tap dry the fish (if defrosting leave over night in fridge) Season with salt and pepper both sides Mix allContinue reading “Baked fish tacos”