Oyster chicken

Our simple oyster sauce Chinese chicken, extremely mild in flavour packed full of veg! You can get vegan oyster sauce from amazon and make this a veg friendly or with tofu sub! Cut 2 chicken breasts thinly on the diagonal Add 1 tsp bicarb and leave for 10 mins Rinse the chicken out well toContinue reading “Oyster chicken”

Brioche french toast

Brioche french toast! I’ve been thinking of family a lot recently and weekend breakfasts are our most precious!Yes we eat the whole loaf😂 the little ones love whipping this up, we sometime have this a light snack too! Swipe for video Combine 4eggs, 1.5 cup milk 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon , whisk , dip yourContinue reading “Brioche french toast”

Crusty lamb chops

Crispy lamb chops Perfect for a savoury snack or main meal! This recipe is quick to cook! I find this recipe is easier to ore cook the lamb and then flash fry to keep it tender 25-30 lamb chops for 30 mins or overnight marinated in:1/2 cup buttermilk1 block garlic and ginger1 heaped tsp groundContinue reading “Crusty lamb chops”

Peri peri chicken

Creamy Peri peri chicken Recipe credit @shaz.khatriPhoto credit @shaz.khatri 1 whole chicken cut in half with skinMarinate with :1tsp paprika, 1.5 tsp salt and little pepper and 1 block crushed garlic and ginger with a drizzle of oil Bake in oven at 190 for 45 mins Sauce:1heaped tbsp butter2-3 tbsp oil1 heaped tbsp chopped garlic1/2Continue reading “Peri peri chicken”

Roasted lemon pepper chicken

So simple so easy! Don’t you just love a quick recipe and leave the rest in the oven!this recipe is short because it’s so simple ! Marinate in :1/2 cup oil2 tbsp melted butter1 block ginger paste1 block garlic paste1tsp mustard paste1.5 tsp SaltJuice of 1 lemon1 whole garlic cut in half (leave in halfContinue reading “Roasted lemon pepper chicken”

Our version of chilli chicken

Our version of chilli chicken , the girls love this! Have with either rice noodles (we did both), sandwich or even on a jacket potato! 2 chicken breasts cut into piecesMix in:1tsp paprika1/2 tsp chilli flakes1/4 tsp garlic paste1/4 tsp ginger pasteSoya sauce2tbsp cornflour mixed with 3 tbsp flour1egg white with a little water FryContinue reading “Our version of chilli chicken”

Victoria sponge

Mother’s Day cake! I’m getting the girls to practise this as a test run for Sunday 😂😂😂 This is the perfect perfect simple recipe that I’ve been using for everything – including cupcakes and tray bakes! https://www.instagram.com/p/CJdRx55M9Dq/?igshid=ulsmdwphcx06Extra tips: Beat eggs and sugar for at least 6-10 mins Sieve flour 2-3 times (lifts the flour andContinue reading “Victoria sponge”

Mums chicken tikka

Chicken tikka -Our family favourite! We have this at least once every other week, I sometimes make the sauce on the weekend for a quick meal for the week!use chicken thigh for tender chicken! Marinate 1/2 hr or overnight:2-3 thigh fillets in pieces,1/2cup yogurt,1/2tsp tumeric,salt/pepper,1tsp paprika,1/2tsp chilli flakes,1/2tsp ground cumin,1tsp ground coriander,1/2tsp garam masala,1 blockContinue reading “Mums chicken tikka”

Phill steak

Super quick philly steak! We got the meat called “minute steak” cooks super quickly! The girls help whip this up❤️ Our favourite way is Served in brioche bun, cheese and gherkins. We’ve had this in sandwiches, salad , rice bowls and on top of a jacket potato! Ingredients. 1 large onion, 1 pepper- fry inContinue reading “Phill steak”

Non traditional Spag Bol

Non traditional Spaghetti Bolognese!Step 1.1 large onion, 1 carrot grated, 1 celery, 1 pepper, 1tbsp chopped garlic Step:1tsp Lemon pepper, chilli flakes , salt, 1tsp sugar 1/2 tsp cumin and 1tsp paprika 1 chopped tomatoe tin 400g passata, parsley, 1tsp mustard , 1 beef stock, 500g mince Cool step one until soft Add step twoContinue reading “Non traditional Spag Bol”