Brioche french toast

Brioche french toast! I’ve been thinking of family a lot recently and weekend breakfasts are our most precious!Yes we eat the whole loaf😂 the little ones love whipping this up, we sometime have this a light snack too! Swipe for video

Combine 4eggs, 1.5 cup milk 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon , whisk , dip your sliced brioche bread either side . In a pot place a tsp of butter and drizzle of boil and cook until golden brown.

Notes : medium heat works best to cook the egg, if you have thicker slices you may need to cook on the edges too. We don’t add sugar as it’s so sweet as it is and we love toppings instead! You can add a dash of cream for a richer flavour. We used almond milk for this version but normal milk works just as well

We served ours with syrup and blueberries 🫐

Savoury options – egg and turkey rashers , spinach mushrooms
Sweet options : yoghurt and honey, Nutella, fruits and syrup

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