Mums chicken tikka

Chicken tikka -Our family favourite! We have this at least once every other week, I sometimes make the sauce on the weekend for a quick meal for the week!use chicken thigh for tender chicken!

Marinate 1/2 hr or overnight:2-3 thigh fillets in pieces,1/2cup yogurt,1/2tsp tumeric,salt/pepper,1tsp paprika,1/2tsp chilli flakes,1/2tsp ground cumin,1tsp ground coriander,1/2tsp garam masala,1 block each garlic/ginger. Then cook on high- just to char it won’t be fully cooked!

Sauce: oil,1 large onion,1cup chopped tomato,1tsp ground coriander,1/2tsp tumeric ,1/2tsp ground cumin 1level tsp garam masala,1heaped tsp sugar,1tsp paprika,1tsp chilli powder(option chilli flakes)ginger garlic- cook for 15 with water, blend fully for 2-3 mins! Add coriander leaves 1tsp dried methi leaves and 2-3 tbsp ground cashew nut. Cream (can use plant based) cook chicken in sauce until done. If using chicken breast make sure u don’t over cook, cook sauce to thicken then add chicken.

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  1. Thigh fillet is best for this dish -over cooking can make it very dry with chicken fillet
  2. Can make the sauce ahead just don’t add the ground cashew and cream
  3. When blending the sauce – blend for a minimum of 1 minute to ensure completely smooth
  4. Don’t miss out on the methi or sugar
  5. I used Elmea plant based cream
  6. Don’t be tempted to add whole cashew and purée as can be quite grainy
  7. You can make a paste for the cashew- soaked in hot water for a few hours and then blend with some water- you have to blend for a while for a smooth consistency

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