Phill steak

Super quick philly steak! We got the meat called “minute steak” cooks super quickly! The girls help whip this up❤️

Our favourite way is Served in brioche bun, cheese and gherkins. We’ve had this in sandwiches, salad , rice bowls and on top of a jacket potato!


  1. 1 large onion, 1 pepper- fry in oil
  2. Oil, 500g thinly sliced steak
  3. 1 block Garlic /ginger 1tbsp tomato purée
  4. 1tsp Lemon pepper , salt to taste
  5. 1tbsp ketchup 1tsp mustard
  6. Add chilli flakes and water (1/2 mug) cook for a few mins in high
  7. Add in fried onions/pepper Cook on high for 3-4 mins mins until tender

Depending on meat- will depend on how long you cook this for. Adjust salt and chilli to your liking

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