Oreo Ice Cream

Oreo ice cream!

Reminded me of vienneta! Perfect to take as a gift to someone’s house too (can’t wait for lockdown to be over!)

1ltre vanilla ice cream (keep out so slightly softened if using ready made ice cream)

I packet oreo

1 packet milk chocolate 

1tsp oil

1. Keep aside 2-3 Oreos and crush the rest into crumbs

2. Line a 1 litre loaf tin with the cling film overlapping and extra hanging over the edge of the pan

3. Prepare a large piece of grease proof paper on your work surface.

4. Break up your chocolate bar into a microwaveable bowl, add your oil and place in microwave to melt on intervals of 20 secs.

5. Pour your melted chocolate and spread finely into your greaseproof paper- leave to completely dry (careful if you are putting in the fridge as the paper will be very floppy!)ive sometimes done this first thing in the morning 

6. Pour 1/2 of your Oreo crumb into your softened ice cream and mix together

7. Pour a 1/4 of your ice cream mixture into your loaf pan, break some of your hardened chocolate chars place on top – repeat cycle. Leave a 2cm gap at the top of the pan. 

8. Top with remaining crumb (reserve some for decor in air tight container )

9. Wrap the overlapping cling film and place in the freezer on a flat shelf

10. Leave to freeze over night

11. Cut into slices to serve- can serve with berries crumbed Oreo or broken pieces of Oreo.

I’ll post my no churn ice cream recipe soon! 

This recipe is amazing if u have a few left over tubs of ice cream and want to make something new!

Inspired by food magazine 

Alternatives – crush crunchie bar , chocolate chips , mint Icecream , Nutella and nuts, 

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